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        Membership options for joining our team: 

If you would like to open your own DPC practice contact Access Healthcare Direct their team is TOP ranked in helping providers get off the ground. 


-You will have access to:

  updates on the DPC Movement 

- DPC Scholarships and                    Conference Discounts

- Rotations and DPC Immersion      Experiences

- Practice Start-up Advice

- DPCMH Certification Curriculum

- DPC Friendly Residency Guide

- Opportunities to Author Aricles and Blogs

Medical Students

- Free Mobile App to find DPCMH Certified Practices

- Education and Information about the Direct Care Model

- Scholarships for DPC Memberships for eligible patients* (need-based and available pending grant funding)




- Updates on upcoming events

- Discounts on DPC conference registration fees

- Regional DPC Workshops 

- DPC Practice startup resources

- Interactive Community

- Group Purchasing Discounts on

Labs, Suppies, and DPC specific vendors

- Customized Membership Management Software

- DPC Comparative Research and Performance Analysis with IRB

-telemedicine app




If your organization is a supporter of the DPC practice model and you would like to be an organizational member you can join as a DPCMH supporter or sponsor


We accept funding for scholarships for medical students, loan repayment for residents, and free patient DPC memberships


Contact us below for more details if you would like to support the DPCMH association as an organization



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