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How is DPC different from Concierge?
  • Both improve quality of care for patients

  • Both improve physician experience/pay

  • Concierge severely shrinks panel size

  • Workforce improved with DPC and worsened with Concierge

  • DPC generally affordable for the average person (Honda vs. Ferrari)

  • DPC can be successful in rural and poor communities

  • DPC can lower out of pocket costs and downstream costs

  • DPC panel size is optimal



Why is it better for patients?

Patients get longer visits and less wait time for the doctor because all of the practice’s time is focused on patient care.  Physicians do not have to spend hours each day just trying to fill out paperwork or clicking computer boxes to make sure they get paid by insurance companies.




Why is it better for physicians?

Physicians enjoy taking care of patients and that is what most of them went to medical school for. They do not enjoy spending half of their time catering to insurance companies and doing administrative work that is not required in DPC practices. This means a less stressed and more attentive physician that is focused on the most important thing in health care-the patient.




Should l have insurance if I go to a DPC Practice?

We encourage people to have insurance to cover catastrophic costs that can be associated with health care like hospitalization and surgery. However, this model makes primary care affordable even if you do not use insurance. For patients that do have insurance, they can still come to this type of practice, sometimes even for less out of pocket expense than going to a practice that takes and files insurance.

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