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We are a non-profit association devoted to helping health care providers and patients explore, transition to, and thrive in a Direct Primary Care Practice Model. 

Providing you with the tools to navigate the future of healthcare.


What is DPC? Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a unique practice model that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. DPC improves health care quality while reducing costs by removing the “middle man” (i.e. insurance companies) from the relationship between patient and physician. 

How does DPC improve health care?


By getting rid of the costs and time associated with filing insurance, we are able to spend more time with patients and the end result is HAPPIER doctors and HEALTHIER patients. Please join us to gain a better understanding of the model and how we can grow this movement. 


How does DPC make practices different for patients?  


Patients have longer visits with providers, improved access through same day visits and cutting edge technology, and more cost effective medical care with a low monthly subscription for services. 

We are removing the barriers to the ideal provider/patient relationship by eliminating the Insurance middleman!


"I have used a (Direct Primary Care Practice) for eight years and the care that the Doctor and his staff provides is excellent."                                                


                                                                Cathy B.

                                                         December 2012




Access is a great place to get the medical care for those without insurance."

                                                         Anonymous Patient

                                                                April 13, 2011


"Having made the shift to direct primary care after 15 years in traditional offices, I feel that I have stronger relationships with my patients. I've been able to spend time with and focus on my patients and their health, rather than focusing on packing the schedule and reimbursement issues."


                                                           K.Godwin, MD

                                                               Oct. 6, 2014


 "You wouldn't buy clothes and not ask how much it costs before you go to the counter or look to see. Why should medicine be any different?"


Anonymous Patient



"The Dr. has been a godsend to my family. I thank God for him. He is an extraordinary doctor and an extraordinary human being. I could never thank him enough for all that he has done.


Pasty R.

 April 19, 2009



Dr.Forrest- I opened last week - Best week  I've had as a physician in over 25 years . Thank you for your leadership and teaching.

TW March 9, 2015 

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